Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Casting to Bubble Trails Leads to Good Day

Persistence pays off.  I finally had a good day of carp fishing in December.  I changed strategies a bit, hitting a smaller spot that held carp in the past at this time of year.  I also targeted bubble trails that I noticed moving along the surface.
Bubble trails are an indicator of carp in an area. In the warmer months bubbles on the surface can mean a variety of things.  Yes, it could be carp rooting on the bottom but it could also be turtles moving along the bottom or even an old piece of debris pressing along a soft bottom.  Today, I landed a couple of fish just casting blindly.  Then, I noticed several bubble trails just to the left of where I was fishing.  So, I began pinpoint casting to those trails with my hair rigged maize.  In two instances, I had running takes before I could even set the rod onto my alarm.  In another case, it took seconds after the rod was set to get a runner.
In all I landed 5 carp today (see photos). Anytime you can score even one carp in December, it is an accomplishment so I am thrilled with today's results. 

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