Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Product Review.....Fox Specialist Compact Rucksack

Rucksacks, or knapsacks as we call them here in the US, have become very popular carry bags for carp equipment.  I have used shoulder bags as well as rucksacks and I greatly prefer using a rucksack because it adds to my mobility.
Last year I purchased a Fox Specialist Compact Rucksack to replace a Nash Hooligan rucksack that was well worn after years of use. The Fox Compact Rucksack is a smaller rucksack made for short sessions.  It has an inside space of 35 liters, ideal for my use. If you are looking for something bigger, the Fox FX Rucksack is a 55 liter bag ($139).  There are lots of things to like about the Fox Compact Rucksack.  It is very comfortable on the shoulders due to the heavy padding on the back. The heavy duty material that the bag is made with seems solid and long lasting.  The storage is also very good. The inside is large enough for me to store containers of bait, a container of method, my lunch, my compact camera, my banksticks and even a lightweight jacket.  The bag has a large pocket on the front that holds my rigger pouch.  One side of the bag has a large elongated pocket that holds such things as my scale, brush cutter and other tools.  The other side has two small pockets.  These hold such things as my boxes of hooks, sinkers, hair stops, extra line for rigging and packs of plastic artificials.  The top of the bag has yet another big pocket.  I keep a long plastic box in this pocket.  It holds such things as extra sinkers, small pliers, scissors, small tools and baiting needle. The top of the bag also has a couple of straps with pulls that hold my compact unhooking mat.  I like that feature. Those are the pluses about this bag.
There are a few minor negatives I should mention.  The heavy duty zippers, though high quality, are only single, one way zippers. I much prefer double zippers.  It also has an elasticated strip on one side that is supposed to be able to hold backsticks and alarms.  No way.  The strip is way too flimsy to hold regular size banksticks with alarms.
This rucksack sells for $73.95 at Big Carp Tackle (www.bigcarptackle.com ).
Mostly everyone knows I am a big fan of Fox products.  Every Fox product I have ever used has been top quality and this bag is no different.
Final Verdict:  Recommended!

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