Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On a Spring Roll in Late December!

This is one of six carp landed today while fishing sweet
corn on the hair rig in some rainy, mild weather.  
The carp are on a spring rampage, but it is late December! Charged up by this mild, warm weather, they are hitting.  In the last two days I have landed 11 carp and have had a number of other fish on and hits.  Yesterday I got them on maize.  Today the hot bait was sweet corn on the hair rig.
If you have never gotten a carp in winter, the next week will be an opportune time to get out and fish.  With unusually mild weather and warming water temperatures, the fish are acting like it's ice out in March.  They are on the feed. Get in on the action because I can tell you it won't last!

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