Sunday, June 14, 2015

A "Best" Showing in the CAG Big 4 Tournament

This 27 + pound mirror was one of my four entrants in the
CAG Big 4 national tournament.
This is the fourth or fifth time I enter the CAG Big 4 Tournament. My goal has been to always try to get a top ten finish. In the past I have gotten a 6th and several 7th place finishes.  This year was my best showing with a 5th place finish overall.
The goal of this tournament is to enter your four biggest fish for the months of April and May.  The four carp I entered were 27-0, 27-4, 27-8, and 29-2.  My four fish total was 110 lbs., 14 oz.  While I have had higher totals in the past, so have other anglers.  Had I banked a 40 lber. (no easy task) like last year, I would have been in the top three.
This tournament features some of the very best carp fishermen from all over the US, so cracking the top five was an accomplishment for a guy from RI.
I want to also congratulate two of my carp fishing friends for their great accomplishments in this tournament. Todd Richer, RI CAG,  landed the biggest mirror in the tournament and Iain Murray, the MA CAG state chariman, landed the biggest common in the tournament.

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