Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Killed it in June

This is one of 150 carp I landed in the month of June. The
fishing has been as hot as it can be for this month.
By far, this was the best June I have ever experienced in carp fishing.  When I totaled up the numbers it came out to 150 carp in the month of June. Everything seemed to be working this month for me and all my spots, many new places I am fishing, were really producing.  Hot fishing with mulberries, hot fishing with corn and artificials, even hot fishing freelining doughballs. While I had the big numbers, I also had some big fish with a lot of fish over twenty pounds with the biggest going 28 lbs.
A lot of my fish were caught on mulberries.  However, I am now back to fishing traditional stuff and the big numbers are still there.  Today I got out and fished two spots with maize and pop-up artificial corn along with a method ball.  I put 10 carp on the bank with the biggest going 13 lbs.  The mulberries are dying out, and it looks like it will be back to the traditional stuff in the upcoming weeks.
I am guessing that if this weather continues to remain cool, then the fishing will continue to be good. It's onto July.

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