Monday, June 22, 2015

On a Mulberry High

Mulberries come in various
colors.  In  this case, white.
In the last few days I have abandoned all my fancy and expensive carp fishing gear and have turned to freelining mulberries.  The mulberries are falling from the trees right now, and if you are lucky enough to know where a tree exists close to the water, you can have some real hot fishing.  This morning I got out and landed 11 carp up to 14 lbs. in a short amount time.  Nearly all the fish fell for freelined mulberries.
A berry is impaled with a small, #8 hook
Freelining involves simply using a hook at the end of your line and impaling a berry.  I use a small, #8 hook. That's sinker, no fancy hair rigs, no alarms.  Just cast it hold the rod and watch the line closely.  When it takes off, pull.  The carp are so keyed on these berries that they usually take it as soon as the berry hits the water.
The key to this fishing is to find the mulberry trees.  I know a number of trees close to the water that I have found in the last twenty years.  Their location remains a hidden secret as only my kids and I know their location. Mulberry trees can be found just about anywhere around here.  You just have to be observant to find them.  Mulberries come in various colors which include white, pink and purple.  All of them work with equal efficiency. The drop should continue for the next couple of weeks as the window of opportunity here is a short one.

This common carp that sits in the water in the net was one of many taken in the
last few days while freelining mulberries.

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