Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Best Back to Back Days This Year

It's a banquet fit for a carp. A glut
of mulberries were falling today.
Wow, the fishing is red hot for me right now. I'm freelining mulberries for the most part, and I'm catching like crazy.  In the last two days I have landed 34 carp, huge numbers for this time of year, and the best back to back days I've had this year (numbers-wise).  While I've gotten no heavyweights, I am getting good numbers of fish from 10 to 14 lbs.
Today was another hot day of fishing. I fished for a few hours this morning. With the wind howling, the trees were shaking and berries were dropping like raindrops on the water. And, the carp were charged up as they went on a feeding frenzy. At times, I could spot 10-15 fish feeding in a small area right under one tree. I'd toss a berry into the water and sometimes three or four carp would rush to it as they would compete to take the offering. It was wild.  This type of action was happening in multiple spots that I sampled.
Later in the evening I fished with my youngest son, Jon. We hit a number of berry spots and all of them had carp feeding aggressively right under the trees.  I didn't even fish. I just tossed in some berries for chum, netted his fish and snapped some photos.  He landed 6 carp in a short amount of time.

Jon Pickering hoists a mirror carp that fell for a mulberry this evening. He landed
6 of them in a short amount of time in multiple spots.

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