Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Return to Merrimack River Yields MA PB Common

I used to fish the Merrimack River in MA a lot.  When I first became a serious carp fisherman I was drawn to this river because of its abundance of big fish over 20 lbs. I landed hundreds of carp there, and my biggest was a 26 lb. common. During most summers I would try to fish this place once a week. In recent years I got away from fishing this river and focused my attention on other places.  I hadn't fished this place in two years until today.
My friend and fellow RI CAGer Todd Richer called last night to see if I wanted to go there just to try something different.  So, why not?  It used to be a great spot that I enjoyed fishing so I decided to go.
And, I'm glad I did. Todd and I landed decent numbers of fish today with all the fish being good size.  The smallest was in the 13 lb. range. But, my prize for the day was a magnificent 28 lb. common, a personal best (PB) common for me in the state of MA.  The big common hit a combo bait of two pieces of maize with a white ESP artificial corn sandwiched in the middle. It was fished ahead of a method ball. The fish put up a great fight in the currents of the Merrimack. Todd did the netting and snapped the photo below.
It was a memorable return to the Merrimack for me. I will be back soon!
This large common went 28 lbs., a new MA PB Common for me.

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