Monday, June 1, 2015

Hot Fishing on a Cold, Rainy Day

A big one is in the net in the water
and about to be unhooked.
Today's lousy weather produced
9 carp includeing a pair of twenties.
Today was yet another example of hot fishing in lousy weather. It is something that has defined my carp fishing career over the years. With temperatures only in the forties and a bone chilling wind and light rain, the fish were charged up. I landed 9 of them today and that included a pair or twenties. I was on a big fish roll at the end of May, and it seems to be continuing in June. The hot bait once again was sweet corn and a kernel of ESP,  pink, artificial, pop-up corn.  That was fished on the hair rig ahead of a method ball.
If you can stand the lousy weather, get out and fish it.  It is your best bet to get a big one or many fish.

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