Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In a Slowing Summer Pattern

Here's a fifteen pounder from this morning heading toward the
net.  We are in a summer slowdown with less fish and
smaller fish.
Just as I expected, things are slowing down.  The hot fishing of May and early June has been replaced with much slower fishing.  Not only are the numbers of fish down, but the sizes are also down.  Those big females that I was catching in May have done a disappearing act as they normally do in the summer. In the first 5 days of June I managed to catch 20 carp with a few twenties.  But, in the next five days, I landed just 7 fish with one low twenty.  Get used to it. We are now in a summer pattern.
Here are a few tips  on how to catch in the summer months:
*Fish the cooler times of the day.....mornings, evenings and nighttime.
*Rainy days will also produce.  The crappier the weather, the better the fishing.
*Work the shady areas.  Carp are creatures of comfort.  They like to sit in the sun and warm themselves when the weather is cold, but they will seek the cool shade on hot days.
*Take what you can get.  In the spring I am targeting big fish.  In the summer, I will go for any size fish.
*Moving water is more effective.  I like to fish rivers in the summer.  The fish are more active in the moving water.
*Continue to prebait if you can and prebait multiple spots.  I like to move around and often fish several spots in a few hours.


  1. Guys just moved to Warwick RI
    Where do I find a list of lakes to fish for some 20lb + carp
    Thanks Colin

  2. There is no list of lakes that have 20 lbers. in RI. Fish of this size are hard to come by and take a lot of work to find. Since you live in Warwick, you are sitting on carp central. Just about all the lakes in your city have carp. You just have to put in some time and effort to catch them.
    The most well known spot for large carp in RI is Roger Williams Park. It is a short distance from you. Not easy to catch there, though, since there is a lot of pressure and the fish tend to be fussy and move around a lot. But, a big area to explore.
    Good luck if you try.