Saturday, June 20, 2015

Craziest Fight in All of Fishing

The Double of the Day, mirror carp
of 10 and 18 lbs., sit in shallow
water in the net.  This is one of the
craziest phenonenoms in all
of fishing.
I was in a good spot this morning.  I was sitting on the bank just waiting in anticipation of a run.  I had seen a few fish breach and roll so I knew fish were in the vicinity of my bait.  After two hours went by, I was ready to pack up and leave.  As I was packing my gear, a screeching alarm shot my adrenilin up.  As I reached for the outfit with the fast spinning reel, the other alarm suddenly screeched wildly. While holding one rod in between my feet with a fish running off the drag, I grabbed the other rod, set the reel in gear and that one began melting the line off the spool. From then on, it was chaos.  Reel one outfit a few feet while the other is between my knees.  Switch rods and reel the other a few feet.  This crazy routine went on for quite a while before I got both fish right near shore.  Net one fish (10 lbs.), net the other (18 lbs.) and suddenly I had in the net one of the most excting and crazy events in all of fishing.....the Carp Double.
This was probably my fourth or fifth double of the year. I tend to get 7 or 8 of them in a year.  They happen with such frequency that it can't be by accident.  I believe that as one fish grabs the bait and runs off, it touches off a sudden impulse or panic in another fish that might be in the area of the other bait. The second fishing gets a sudden urge to grab that bait and run with it.
Whatever causes this double to occur, one thing is known for sure.  This is one of the craziest phenomenons in all of fishing.

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