Friday, June 26, 2015

Surging Ahead of Last Year's Numbers

This fully scaled mirror is my
300th carp of the year.
 June has been a personal
best as far as numbers. The fish
have been hitting big time.
Since the spring I have been playing catch up to last year's numbers. We lost the month of March, a big setback, due to icing and heavy snow.  However, I have been getting personal best record numbers of carp in April, May and now in June.  In fact, this is the very best June as far as numbers  that I have ever experienced. And, there are still four days left to June, and who knows what that will bring. As of today I am at 110 carp for June.  Suddenly, my numbers have not only caught up but are outpacing last year's numbers, and last year was the biggest year I ever experienced.
Yesterday I landed my 300th carp of the year. The last two weeks have seen sizzling action using freelined mulberries.  Some days I am getting 15-20 carp, astounding numbers for this time of the year. Many of those fish are running in the upper teens, good size for June. I credit the cool weather with keeping the fishing real good. Get a few days of high 80's or even 90's and you will see the fishing cool right off.  With a lot of people going on vacation in the next couple of weeks, it is a great time to get out and try carp fishing.

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