Friday, June 12, 2015

Catching on Maize

This carp in the net is one
of 13 landed in the last two
The fishing in the last two days has been as hot as the weather for me. While I indicated in the last post that the fishing was slowing, I was quite surprised at just how good it has been.  I landed 13 carp in the last two days with the biggest one going over 20 lbs.  All have been caught with either maize or a maize/pop up combo bait fished on the hair rig.
A hot bait has been a combo bait
of two kernels of maize along
with a pink artificial pop-up corn.
For those new to carp fishing, maize is big, tough corn.  Though sweet corn is a far better bait for fussy fish, its drawback is that it is flimsy and easily picked off by pests such as horned pout, suckers, bluegills and turtles, all of which are very active in this warm weather.  The tougher maize has a much better chance of staying on the hair.
Most carp fishermen prepare their own maize.  A fifty pound bag can be bought at Tractor Supply for about $9. It is sold as "whole corn".  It then has to be prepared.  This is done by putting it into a large pot and adding water.  Let it sit overnight or for about 6 hours.  I then boil it for exactly 35 minutes.  After boiling, let it sit and soak up the water.  I then pack it into containers and refrigerate it until I am ready to fish with it.  I will use the maize for both chum as well as bait.

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