Thursday, May 26, 2022

Photo of the Day..."On the Quad"

Here is a twenty pounder that I landed 
yesterday.  The hot bait was a combo bait
of a chartreuse quad with a kernel of maize
on the hair rig. For more about quads,
check out the previous post.


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Hot Stuff


Check out this 29 lb. beast that was landed on
a quad several days ago. These are some of the 
hottest baits I have ever used.

I'll bet most of you reading this have no idea what a QUAD is. I was introduced to this bait by one of my friends from the UK. Quads are small square baits produced by Mainline baits in the UK.  They actually look like small colored oyster crackers. The ones I have are pink, light green and white and have a pleasant fruity smell. This variety is called Essential Cell Baits and they pop up. These are some of the most buoyant baits for their size that I have ever seem.  When hair rigged on a hook with a combination of maize and the quad, they will lift the bait off the bottom.

My friend from the UK started using these while I was fishing with him.  He far out fished me as I was using my old standby plastic artificial corn with a kernel of maize. I decided I just had to have this bait so I ordered a jar from a tackle store in the UK. Big Carp Tackle in the US had them but sold out (not surprised).

Almost immediately I started catching with this bait.  At times I used it in combination with maize.  Other times I used two quads of different colors. It seemed to me that the pink ones worked the best.  In a short time using them, I landed good number of 20's and even a 30 lber.  Many times I baited one rod with the quad and the other rod with the plastic pop-up and corn. It was always the quad that produced.

Sometimes fish are used to seeing a certain bait in a certain venue, and they will jump on something that might be different.  This is certainly different, but I can tell you that it is one of the hottest baits I have ever used.

This is THE bait that has been so effective for me.

Quads are small square baits that are
extremely buoyant. My best rigging
has been a combo bait of one quad
and a kernel of maize.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Pink Colors Hot


Check out what's in the lip of a carp
I caught today.  It's a combo bait of
a pink artificial corn along with 
a kernel of real maize.

Pink in the hot bait color.  Every bait I use I try to add some pink to it.  In the last two weeks that bright pink  has done the trick in luring good numbers of carp of all sizes to hit. 

Here's a few ideas that have worked well:

1. Pink plastic pop-up corn with a kernel of real corn on the hair rig- This has scored big numbers of fish for me with the pink pop-up far outproducing my old standby white pop-up. I like to use this set-up with a method ball packed around my sinker.

2. Pink quads with either a kernel of real corn or a white plastic pop-up- Quads are small square-like baits similar to a boilie.  They are quite buoyant so this set up lifts off the bottom. Quads are produced by Mainline baits and are hard to find (more coming on this in a later post).  I also fish this with a method ball.

3. Pink, strawberry flavored boilies-  These have also been working in either a sinking or floating version.  I like the 12mm or 15 mm size. Sometimes I cut these in half and use it with another bait, usually a kernel of maize.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

April Results for RI Spring Big 3 Tournament

Tom Perron- 21 lbs., 6 oz.
Brian Savage- 31 lbs., 14 oz.!

 Our RI CAG Spring Big 3 Tournament is one third finished with
the April results reported.  In this tournament, RI CAG members will enter their biggest carp for April, the biggest for May and the biggest for June.  We add up all the weights and that becomes the point total. All fish must be caught in RI waters, and the fish must all be released. Winners will receive engraved medals for first , second and third place that are provided by the national CAG.  Once again, our guys did a great job of catching some big fish.  

Here are the current leaders:

1st- Brian Savage- 31 lbs., 14 oz.

2nd- Tom Perron-  21 lbs., 6 oz.

3rd- Tony Carvalho- 13 lbs.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Cats on the Prowl

Here's a white catfish that I landed yesterday.
Note the large head and large mouth, features
that are different than horned pout. They will
hit the same baits as carp do.

The carp fishing has really perked up in this warm weather of the last few days. While the carp have been active, a whole lot of other things have also come to life.  Some of those fish to come out of the winter doldrums have been catfish and horned pout.  I've caught good numbers of them in the last week.

Most people don't realize we have both catfish and horned pout in many lakes and ponds around the state.  You can tell the difference because catfish have a forked tail and horned pout, or brown bullhead, have a square tail.  The catfish also have a much bigger head and a big mouth. They also tend to be lighter in color than brown bullheads.

The catfish we have in this state are white catfish.  They were stocked in many places in this state back in the 1960's, and they have stuck around and established a population.  These are different than the channel cats that you find in the CT River. Channel cats tend to have smaller mouths than white cats but are much larger in size.  Most of the white cats found in RI will run 2 to 4 lbs.  They are bigger on average than horned pout.

Note that catfish will often hit the same baits as carp. They often bang on your bait rather than running. Some, though, might take it and run just like a carp.  I have been fooled numerous times into thinking I have a carp hit and it turns out to be a catfish.  

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Craziest Fish of the Year!

 I landed this gorgeous wild koi yesterday while carp fishing. It was a stunning orange and red with black spots along its back and body.  It hit a combo bait of maize and a white artificial on a hair rig.

These fish exist in a few places here in RI, and they are rare catches. Over my carp fishing career I've landed over 10,000 carp.  Only seven of those have been wild koi.  So, it's a big surprise when you do get one!

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Time to Get Serious!


Here's an 18 lber. that was landed 
in the last week.  Bigger fish are
becoming more active in the 
warming weather here in RI.

We're in April and that usually starts the fishing for big carp for me. In the last week or so I have noticed an uptick in the fishing for larger fish as I have landed a decent number of carp over 15 lbs. from RI waters. 

It's that time of year also when CAG members are involved in a couple of tournaments.  Here is a summary of what's going on:

1. CAG Big 4 National Tournament-  This popular event is a nationwide tournament that runs from March 15 to June 15.  The idea is to catch and document (photo proof required) your 4 biggest carp by weight in this time period.  There are over 50 of the best carp fishermen in the US competing for prizes for the top ten finishers.  It's a highly competitive event.  In the past you would need to average at least 30 lbs. a carp to crack the top 5.  Last year I had 134 lbs., my best total ever, to come in 3rd place overall. I'm shooting for at least 120 lbs. this year.  This year we have 5 of our RI CAG members entered in the event.  They include Todd Richer, Manny Dias, Tony Carvalho, Jeff Henderson and myself. It takes skill to get into that top ten, but it also takes a lot of luck too!

2. RI CAG Spring Big 3- We also run a "Big" event here in RI for our members.  The idea is to enter you biggest carp for April, the biggest for May and the biggest for June. We add up those weights and that becomes the point total. Some of our guys and gals have entered some very impressive fish in the past.  CAG supplies engraved medals for first, second and third place.

For anyone who wants to get in on the fun, consider joining CAG.  Go to

Membership to CAG is $25 for the year.  With that, you get a starter packet of goodies, a magazine, tournaments, photo contests, expanded access to the Forum and free membership to the state group. You are also helping conservation efforts to protect carp nationally.