Sunday, May 31, 2009

Change of Plans for Fish-in

Unfortunately, we have to change the venue for our RI Fish-in. It will be held at the same time, June 6 from 9:00 am until late afternoon/evening. However, we can't hold it at the Rivers Edge Recreational Complex due to the Riverfest canoe race that day.
So, here's the new spot. It is in the Blackstone River State park off Rt. 123 in Lincoln, RI. This is a unique spot in that you can fish the Blackstone River, the Lower Canal as well as a place we call Secret Pond. To get to this location, take Rt. 146 north or south and proceed to the Rt. 123 exit. Follow Rt. 123 east or "down the hill" for a mile or so (this is Breakneck Hill Rd. which becomes Front St.). Take a left at a sign that says "Blackstone River State Park" just after the Lincoln Plaza. There is a large parking area here. From here, it is a 6-7 minute walk to the place where we will be fishing. Walk to the bike path and cross the large bridge spanning the river. At the east end of the bridge, there is a gate. Go through the gate and walk the path toward the river. It will bring you to the canal which will be where we will start. There is a high bank here, so if you have a bridge net, take it along. This is a very scenic area and a place that has lots of mirrors. Let's hope they are hitting!
Hope to see you there. If you get lost, call me at 401-648-1970.

Friday, May 29, 2009

River Carp in On the Water Magazine

The latest issue of On the Water magazine has my article on river carp fishing. It is a tell all story about how to fish big and small rivers for carp here in NE. The story outlines equipment, rigging, and baits and has some stories about my experiences of learning how to fish big rivers at CAG fish-ins along the banks of the Merrimack River.

Taking on the CT River

I have always wanted to fish the CT River in MA for carp, and today I finally got there. Thanks to friend, Khrys, for showing me some spots that were very productive.

The river itself is MASSIVE with a fast flow. I was fishing my usual hot set up which is two kernels of flavored sweet corn (testing for The Bait Stop) along with a kernel of Wild Whiskey maize on a hair rigged hook. Up ahead was an oatmeal based method ball. A three ounce inline lead was needed to just barely hold bottom.

Well, the alarms were buzzing for Khrys and me as we landed about 17 carp with at least a half dozen in the twenties (see pic at left). It was hot fishing for decent fish and fulfilled my goal of getting to and fishing the CT River for carp.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RI Fish-in on June 6

The RI CAG annual fish-in will be held at the Blackstone River this year on Sarturday, June 6. It will start at 9:00 AM and will run till the afternoon or evening. It will take place at Rivers Edge Recreation Complex off Davison Ave. in Woonsocket. This is a brand new park located at the end of the access road off the west end of Davison Ave. which is located off Rt. 126. There is rougly a half mile of cleared bank along this park, so there is lots of room to fish. Note that this is a sunny place with no shade. Bring your umbrellas or sun screen. We will be prebaiting the spot so it should be productive. The river is nationally known for its big numbers of mirror carp. Baits such as corn and doughbaits work well here.

A fish-in is basically a non competitive event in which experienced carp fishermen explain and demonstrate how to fish for carp. These events are often attended by newcomers who come to learn about carp fishing and to fish along side experienced fishermen.

June 6 is a free fishing day in RI. Out of state fishermen do not need a RI license for this event.

Should the river be high and fast due to rain swelled waters, the event will be cancelled.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wild Whiskey and Sweet Corn

It has been a heck of a week for me. I'm in a zone where I simply can't do anything wrong (fishing wise that is), and every place I seem to go offers hot fishing for big fish as well as lots of them. I'm catching big time in RI and MA.

I have to think it goes beyond luck. The common thread is that I am using the same bait in all the places I am fishing. I'm using a kernel of Wild Whiskey maize from The Bait Stop along with two kernels of Green Giant Super Sweet Corn. It is dangling off a hair rig (see photo at left). I'm using this with an oatmeal based method ball that is spiced with birdseed and hemp seed and chili powder that is packed around my 3 oz. in-line lead.

That set-up has accounted for 7 twenties and 4 thirties along with dozens of fish in the teens in the last 5 days of fishing!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Incredible Fish, Incredible Day

I experienced a once in a lifetime day this past week as I had my best day of carp fishing ever, and I landed 3 PB's in one day!

Wednesday was a cloudy, windy, rainy, stormy day here in NE, my kind of day for carp fishing. I was fishing over the line in MA in a "secret" spot that was shown to me by a CAG member. I am sworn to secrecy as to where this location is, so don't ask! I have been on the hunt for a large mirrors for a long time as my previous PB mirror was 20 lbs. That was about to change.

Using the Bait Stop's Wild Whiskey flavored corn along with a method ball of a new concoction, I proceeded to hammer fish. The atmosphere was charged up and the fish were too with fish breaking and rolling all over the place and hitting like crazy. In all, I landed 21 fish with 6 fish in the twenties and three fish in the thirties!

My biggest fish of the day was a whopping 36.5 lb. mirror, besting my previous PB by nine pounds. It was so big it was difficult to lift and balance for a timed shot with my camera.

It was a once in a lifetime day!

New PB's for RI CAG Members

I want to congratulate two of our RI CAG members for landing PB's (personal best) in the last few weeks. John Joseph landed a terrific 27 lb. common. John is a longtime carper from RI and his previous PB was 21 lbs. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Tom Maguire is one of our "new" members as he joined us last year. Tom has put in a lot of time and effort into carp fishing, and it all paid off with a PB 20 lb.common that he landed this week. Twenty pounds is a big fish for RI standards. Great job, Tom.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mirror Carp

I decided that I would target mirror carp today. Landed some of the biggest I have ever caught as I had three beauties that topped out near 20 lbs. It was the combination of whiskey flavored corn with sweet corn that did the trick. That has been the hot producer for the last two weeks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week of HOT Fishing

It has been a week of hot fishing for me in RI waters. Landed 3 commons in the twenties along with many fish in the 12-19 lb. range in the last few days. Prior to catching all these big commons, I was getting lots of mirrors up to 15 lbs. in waters that came off the Blackstone River. The weather has been lousy but the fishing has been great. The hot bait has been Wild Whiskey maize sold by The Bait Stop. I have been using one kernel of whiskey corn with a kernel or two of sweet corn on the hair rig. I am also using an oatmeal based method ball in front of the bait. That combination of bait has really done the trick!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tricks for Hair Rigging Corn

I have been experimenting on how I hair rig my corn. Most fishermen do it the traditional way. They usually put the baiting needle through the middle of three kernels of corn (see photo at right). It works, but sometimes the fish get a bit clever and figure out something's wrong, and they refuse to take. That's when the fisherman has to be even more clever than the fish and mix things up.

Here's another way I do it. Pass the needle through the sides of two kernels. That allows the corn to lay flat on the bottom in a more natural position (see photo at left). Sometimes that works!

Here is yet another way I do it, a way that is becoming the most popular way I like to do it. I pass the needle through the side of the first kernel and then through the center of the second one, kind of an offset set up (see photo at right). It seems to be the most effective way to lure fish into hitting the corn and has really made a difference for me this season. I have also concluded that many times two kernels of corn are more effective for hits as well as catches than three kernels. This is especially true when using a method ball ahead of your offering.