Thursday, April 30, 2020

Not Always Good

This good size mirror, landed today, was my only carp in the
last six days.  Persistent cold weather has taken its toll.
I was on a roll in April until about a week ago.  Then, everything went downhill.  I tried a number of locations and different baits, but I was able to put only one carp on the bank in the last six days.  A friend of mine suggested that maybe the carp were practicing social distancing or doing the stay at home thing. Seriously, this has been real poor fishing for me.
I blame the weather for the lousy fishing.  At this time of year, dropping water temperatures are not good.  A lot of cold rain, cold nighttime temps and cool, windy days, has caused the carp to go into a funk.  Additionally, I have not been able to fish many of my April hotspots.  Some places are closed off to fishing due to corona virus restrictions. Some of my places in MA and CT are off limits to RI residents. And, high, high water in the Blackstone River due to rains have prevented me from fishing some of my river spots.
Still, I managed to bank 90 carp in April, a bit above average for me in April, so things are not all that gloomy. The key here is to stick with it as carp fishing, like the weather, will change in the warming days ahead.
Good luck if you get out and be safe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Ticket to Success

April is turning out to be a decent month for me.  I've landed good numbers of carp and had only one blank so far this month which is unusual with all this wild and cold weather. I've also been doing all my carpin' close to home and in state. The ticket for success for me has been one of my old favorites that I have written about a lot.  It is one white artificial corn along with one kernel of sweet corn on the hair rig (see photo at right). The artificial is at the end of the hair and locks in the delicate sweet corn.  Sometimes I use a method ball, sometimes I don't. The method is usually determined by the amount of turtles that are around. They are getting more brazen and active by the day as the water warms.  In the last two days I have landed 8 carp on this combo rig. Not big numbers but very steady fishing for me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Catch of the Day

Here's a common from a new "walk to" location.  I have been out a lot finding
new spots to fish that are close to home. They are hitting!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Newsflash: RI Trout Fishing Suddenly Opens Up

Trout fishing season suddenly opened today in RI. Under normal circumstances, trout fishing would normally open the second Saturday in April, or April 11 this year.  The DEM wanted to avoid the big crowds that come out on Opening Day so they decided to go with a “soft” opening at mid week, similar to what CT did this year.  Smart move considering the coronavirus situation we are in.
There is a twist to this opening. DEM has said that you can fish for trout on odd/even calendar days.  If your last name begins with A to M, you should be fishing on even days.  If your last name begins with N to Z, you should fish on odd days.
There are other restrictions in effect. State parks are not open for parking, there should be no more that 5 people together and social distancing (at least 6 feet) are if effect. Additionally, trout will be stocked throughout the season but will not be publicized. They are also suggesting if a pond or lake is crowded, look for other areas which are not so crowded.
All of the details and information about this unusual trout opening can be found HERE.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Making the Most of a Tough Situation

Here's a carp that I landed yesterday in one
of my close to home spots. Fishing is very
limited right now.
Yes, I am still fishing. The state DEM is still encouraging people to get out walking, riding a bike and fishing.  The number of places to park, though, is dwindling by the day.  Most of the state parks and recreation areas are now closed to parking. Many local spots are also shut down.
So, I have been doing a lot of bike riding and walking to carp fishing close to home. I'm lucky that I live walking distance to about a half dozen carp venues. This has allowed me to explore some of those areas more thoroughly than I did in the past, and I am finding new spots to fish and catching some fish. I'm also getting a lot of exercise. Heck, not much else to do.
Normally, at this time of year I am dividing my time between fishing for carp in MA and RI.  Any out of state travel is not happening at this point since state regulations require a 14 day quarantine for out-of-staters traveling to a different state. I'm not taking a chance on that happening.
If you do get out and carp fish, remember to keep that 6 foot social distance.  No too difficult doing this as I have seen just about no one in the areas I have been fishing.
Good luck if you get out for carp, and stay safe.