Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Targeting Larger Carp; 800th Carp of the Year Landed

My biggest carp of the fall so far....28 lbs., 2 oz.
In the last few weeks I have been targeting larger carp.  I've been fishing mostly in RI but have hit some spots in MA and CT. I've landed quite a few carp in the teens along with several good size fish in the 20's.  I also had my biggest carp of the fall a couple of days ago.  This was a brute of 28 lbs., 2 oz. It had such a gut, it looked like it swallowed a small barrel. The fish was taken on a combo bait of maize along with a white pop up artificial corn.
I believe the time period from mid October to mid November is prime time to catch a really big fish in the fall.  It was mid November several years ago that I landed that monster 36 lb. carp in RI waters, the largest carp and the largest freshwater fish ever caught in RI.  Large carp are on the fall feed at this time as they feed up for winter. The problem at this time of year is that the fishing can be as inconsistent as the weather. The best days to fish will be those warmer days after a cold spell or a warm, wet and stormy day. Daytime as well as warm nights can be productive.
On a completely different note, I landed my 800th carp of the year tonight while fishing after dark.  It was a mirror of about 8 lbs. Already this is my second best year ever in terms of numbers.  With two months left of fishing for the year, it could be another 1000 fish year for me.  I'll need the weather to stay warm and a little bit of luck to get there.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nighttime Carping Productive

Here's a good size mirror carp that was
recently landed at night.  Fall fishing
after dark can be very productive.
It's that time of year when it starts getting dark earlier and earlier. So, I find myself fishing more and more at night.  In the last three weeks I have spent many short sessions in the dark in many spots and have caught some good size carp up to 20 lbs.
I know some fishermen fish all three seasons after dark, but I find that fall is especially productive for me at night.  Maybe it's because that's when I put in the most time carp fishing at night. Also, keep in mind that the carp are feeding up for a winter that is coming, and their time to feed in the daytime is shortened by the lessening light. So, I do think they feed more and more after dark in the fall.
Nighttime carp fishing is no different than doing it in the daytime.  Same baits, same techniques.  Get yourself some warm clothing and a good headlight, and you are good to go.
Some big fish are taken at night in the fall.  One of our RI CAGers, Jake Ayotte, is competing in the CAG Fall Big 4 Tournament.  He recently sent me several photos, all taken at night, of some phenomenal fish that he has caught recently.  He had three carp in the THIRTIES that were all taken at night. Jake's catches are proof that some of the biggest fish of the year are feeding at night in the fall. By the way, Jake has taken a big lead in the CAG Big 4 Tournament. Could a RI carper be heading for a first place victory in this prestigious tournament?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

RI CAGers Competing in Fall Big 4

Here is one of my entries, a hefty 19 lb. common.
One of the signature tournaments that the Carp Anglers Group (CAG) runs every year is the Fall Big 4.  This event runs from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15.  Anglers who compete enter their 4 biggest carp for that period, and that becomes their total points. Anglers weigh their own fish and take a photo that shows the logo and the scale used (see photo at right).  Prizes are awarded to the top ten finishers. The tournament draws CAG members from all over the US and Canada.
Last year the RI CAG had three members compete.  They were Tom Perron, Todd Richer and myself. All three of us ended up finishing in the top 10, a phenomenal feat.  This year these same three guys are entered along with RI CAG members Jake Ayotte, Keri Doire and Mike Stevenin.  Yup, we have 6 RI carpers entered in this event, and that is the most of any state!
Currently, the RI crew is off to a great start.  Jake has the biggest carp so far, a 28 lb. beast.  Tom has the biggest mirror, a good looking 15 lber. and I am the current overall leader at 81 lbs. While it is still very early in the tournament, the RI guys are flexing their muscles! Hopefully, all six members will end up in the top ten.  Now, that would be a feat!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Dedicated Carper

The number plate above belongs to one of our most dedicated RI CAG
carpers.  He is Richard Bessette, who is also our oldest member. At 82 years
young, Richard is out there every day and making some impressive catches (see photo below).