Saturday, March 27, 2021

Opening Day Coming Early; Carp Fishing Gets More Consistent

Here's a decent 10 lber. that I landed a few days
ago.  Carp fishing has gotten more consistent in 
this nice spring weather.

Everything is looking up in this beautiful spring weather. 

Big news that will affect carp fishermen is that Opening Day of trout fishing will come early this year with a "soft opening" happening on Wednesday, April 7. This will open up all bodies of water in the state.  To those who don't know, some of the best carp fishing venues in the state such as Olney Pond (Lincoln  Woods), Lake Tiogue and the Blackstone River have all been closed since March 1 because they are trout stocked waters.  They will open up on April 7. This will give carp fishermen in the state more options.

In the last week, carp fishing has gotten more consistent for me and other members of the RI Carp Anglers. Many are reporting good catches of fish in this warming weather. There's been nothing real big, but I and others have been catching good numbers of fish up into the low teens. Biggest I have gotten this week has been 13 lbs. Nothing wrong with that! Sweet corn or sweet corn in combo with artificial corn has been the hot bait.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Finally Perking Up

This mirror is one of 9 carp landed
in the last two days.  The warm
weather has really perked up the

 After several false starts in the last three weeks, the spring carp fishing has lit up.  With an extended period of consistent warm weather coming, it looks like the good fishing should continue.  I got out yesterday and today and landed a total of nine fish in all.  I also saw some carp jumping and others cruising around in the shallows, a sure sign that fish are on the move from deep to shallow water to feed.

All my fish were caught on combo baits of sweet corn and a white artificial corn fished on a hair rig.  I did do some prebaiting with maize, and I think that helped. I know other RI CAG members were also catching this weekend in a variety of spots so it is happening all over.

Note that carp fishing is off limits in RI in waters that are stocked with trout. Trout stocked waters (yes, that includes the Blackstone River) will not be accessible until Opening Day which is the second Saturday in April. All non trout stocked waters are open to fishing.

If you are looking for that first carp of the new year, this week is an opportune time to catch it.

Thursday, March 18, 2021



Here is a common from last week.  So far,
March fishing has been a big disappointment.

Carp fishing is not going well for me.  I've fished quite a bit in March and have come away with a paltry 7 fish.   The fish are just not active. This lousy fishing pattern has continued all winter long. Last year, 2020, at this time, I had over 170 carp.  This year I fished about the same number of times, and I've landed just 44 fish to this point. I try to tell myself that the weather has really been up and down, a negative for carp fishing, but that's the way March usually goes so not really different. Yes, the water is cold.  Yes, the ice reformed in a lot of places this week.  So, we've not seen an extended spring pattern of weather yet. I've tried fishing a lot of my previous March hotspots and just not much doing.

I'm hoping a warmer week next week might perk up the fishing here in RI.  I'm also guessing that when things do perk up the fishing will get hot very quickly which just might lead to an extended hot streak. Until then, I'll keep looking and trying.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Strange Carp Tail

It's dark out, but you can clearly see
the hook and white artificial stuck
in the tail of this carp. It was snagged
while reeling in my bait. The hook 
was a small, #8!

 I had a real weird experience this evening while carp fishing. I had landed a couple of fish in the evening, and as the darkness was upon me, I decided to pack up and leave.  So, I went to reel in one outfit, and as I was about halfway in, I suddenly was stuck.  I thought I hit a snag, and I attempted to pull it out.  But, as I pulled, the snag pulled back, and I quickly realized I was onto a fish. Just as I was onto this fish, the other alarm went off.  I grabbed that rod also and was now fighting two fish at the same time.  Or, was it?  I thought maybe the first fish went into the other line.  In total darkness, it was hard to tell and both lines were in about the same spot. As I fought two fish (or one) and made some headway while getting the fish close to shore, I saw two distinct jumps right in front of me, and now I knew that I did have two fish.

I got one fish close to shore and quickly popped the hook out.  The other fish, though, continued to put up quite a battle.  Once near the shore, I realized something was wrong here as the fish was very difficult to reel in. When I got the carp close enough to see it, I realized I had snagged this fish in the tail. That was the fish that was hooked as I was reeling my bait ashore. My #8 hook just caught the fish in the tail.  What are the chances of that happening? It was a common about 10 lbs., and the hooked popped out quite easily and the fish was on his merry way. 

I've got to tell you that carp hooked in the tail put up quite a battle. The fight can be described as a tug-of-war. I really thought I had a much larger fish!