Thursday, January 28, 2021

At a Standstill


Just about everything fishing related in RI is at a standstill right now.  On the saltwater striper scene, nothing is going on. The holdover fishing has been shut down in every spot I know due to icing.  In freshwater, my carp fishing is also in a dormant stage due to icing.  I can fish running water, but that has not been producing.  I saw a photo today of someone ice fishing in RI and catching stocked trout. So, apparently there is safe ice somewhere.  If it’s not safe now, it’s a good bet you’ll find safer ice this weekend if you are into ice fishing. But, the window here will be short. Expect a snowstorm in the beginning of next week.  I hate the feeling of walking onto snow covered ice since I just don’t know how much ice is under the snow.  Real dangerous.  In addition, expect a warm-up at the end of the week with rain which should mush up the ice. Doesn’t it seem like just about everything these days is screwed up including the weather?

Fortunately, I’ve got my skiing to turn to.  That has been great and I’ve been sliding down the hills almost every day!

If you’re a fisherman, hang in there, because who knows what will come our way in a week or two. Things can change very fast in February.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Back to Sweet Corn

This common fell for a combo bait of sweet corn
and a white artificial corn fished on the hair rig.

 It's a new year, but the most effective bait is the same in the wintertime.  Sweet corn rules.  

I was out today in a new January location that I had not fished before.  I had one rod out with maize and a white artificial.  The other rod had sweet corn with a pale pink artificial.  First carp was on the sweet corn.  Second fish was on the sweet corn.  Ok, that was enough.  I got rid of the maize and went with sweet corn and the artificial on both outfits.  I landed one more carp. Not bad for a mid January afternoon.

Without question from now until the weather warms, sweet corn from the supermarket will be your best bait whether you fish it on the hair rig or just on a hook.  Sweet corn is always a top notch bait, but the pests of warm water (bluegills, turtles, suckers and horned pout) love this bait also and can easily take it off.  In this cold water, all those pests are dormant.  If you get a hit on your bait, it is pretty much going to be a carp. I always fish my sweet corn on a hair rig and usually combine it with one artificial pop up.

Sweet corn from the supermarket
is your best bait at this time of
the year.

We are in a funky January as far as weather. The ponds don't seem to know whether they want to freeze or thaw. In the last week or so, in many places a thin coating of ice seemed to form at night and then melted in the daytime especially when the sun was out. Afternoon, the warmest part of the day, will always be your best bet at this time of year.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Catch of the Day...."January Gold"

Landed this 12 lb. common on this cold and nasty day. Not too shabby for Jan. 3!


Saturday, January 2, 2021

First Ones of the New Year


My first carp of the new year, a 12 lb. common,
is in the net. My first outing in 2021 was very

My carp fishing for 2021 began today. I got out on a sunny afternoon and had quite the outing for Jan.2.  I landed 10 carp that ranged from 7 to 19 lbs., one of my better winter outings in recent years. 

Many people don't associate carp fishing with cold water but truth is they do continue to feed in open water in the wintertime. Get a nice warm-up with the sun out like we had today, and you have the recipe for a good carp fishing day.

Certain places offer a higher percentage of success in the dead of winter.  I like to fish low water spots that heat up quickly on a warm winter day.  These can be small, shallow ponds, small rivers and canals. These are the places that warm up the fastest which causes the carp to feed. I have never scored well in bigger lakes with deep water in the wintertime. 

I was fishing my usual combo bait today- a small kernel of maize along with a white artificial corn on the hair rig. That same bait that was scoring in the fall continues to catch. Sweet corn is also very good at this time of year.