Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seminars Coming to Big Shows

My carp fishing seminars will be coming to two big shows this winter. My latest seminar is called "Secrets of NE Carp Fishing". It is a Power Point presentation that has tons of pictures and videos and is a tell all show made for beginners and well as the seasoned carp fishing enthusiasts. The show will cover tackle, baits, rigging, and river and pond fishing.
The first show will be on Fri., Feb. 12 at the Eastern Fishing and Outdoor Expo at the DCU Center in Worcester at 1:15. This is the biggest fishing and hunting show in eastern New England and features lots of tackle dealers and companies that showcase their latest equipment. For further info, the show's website is
The second show I will be doing is the same seminar at the Springfield Sportsmens Show on Sat., Feb. 26 at the Big E in Springfield, MA. This is a massive show that is held in three buildings. It also features exhibitors from all over North America that cater to fishing and hunting. Their website is
Carp fishing seminars are rare in shows like these since they tend to cater to traditional freshwater fishing for such species as largemouths, salmon, trout and pike. However, in recent years, I have had a good number of fishermen attend these seminars, evidence of the growing popularity of carp fishing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

End of the Year Video Featuring RI CAG Members

Here is the annual RI CAG video that highlights some of the catches made by our members and friends here in RI and elsewhere in 2010. This was a year in which many of our members landed mirror and common PB's (personal best). Congratulations to all our members for making this a great year! Enjoy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Gifts for the Carp Guy in Your Life

Carp this post to your wife or girlfriend.....
If you've got a carp guy in your life, you know there are a ton of things he would just love to have for fishing. Here are some great ideas that I found just browsing around the Big Carp Tackle website ( Carp fishermen just love bite alarms. Looking for the Cadillac of alarms, then pick up pair of Delkim EVs. These sell for about $80 apiece but are worth every penny. If you are looking for a quality alarm that's a little less, try a Fox Warrior for $45. Chub rods are now on sale for less than $100. These are quality rods at terrific prices right now. For the guy who has just about everything, how about a Reuben Heaton standard scale? These sell for just over a hundred dollars and you can also get a matching pouch for $17. I got one as a gift last year and I love it. I like to browse the luggage section of the Big Carp site and look at the bags and rucksacks that are there. It's all high quality tackle totting stuff for less than $100. How about a fancy and fish friendly landing net. The Fox Warrior sells for a little over $100.
Finally, if you are not sure what to get, I'll bet your carp guy would love a gift certificate from Big Carp Tackle or Wacker Baits ( You can't go wrong at either store.

Monday, December 6, 2010

RI Carp Fishing Comes to an Abrupt End!

It's over, done for the season. I was out yesterday and landed an nice 10 lb. mirror, but ending signs were there. It was just freezing outside and the water temps were in the high thirties. Today there was skim ice on the pond. With temperatures in the next 7 days forecast to be 10-15 degrees below normal, it spells the arrival of ice and the end of carp fishing for 2010 here in RI. I am packing my ski stuff and getting ready to hit the slopes for the next three months.
Watch for posts this winter on this site that will deal mostly with tackle for carp fishing. If a sudden warm up hits, I will be ready to go back carp fishing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Warm Weather Has Carp Active in Dec.

The warm weather of the last three days has lit up the carp fishing (once again) here in RI. Got out today and landed 2 good sized mirrors and a decent sized common. Also, saw a number of fish jumping as if it were a spring day! Get out and enjoy because we all know this weather is not going to last.