Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making Hair Rigs (option 1)

The way I make a hair rig is to do it on a fly tying vice. I use heavy duty nylon thread, although you can use braided line also. Form a loop and hold it against the hook. Then tie along the hook, burying the line. You may want to pull your end line to adjust the size of the loop that forms the hair. I then tie off with a whip finish. Check out my video for a closer look!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bite Alarms

Most serious carp fishermen use bite alarms and consider these devices essential in their arsenal of equipment. Alarms are basically sensors onto which your line rests. With your baitrunner reel in freespool, the alarm will sound as well as light up when a fish picks up your bait or runs with it.

If you go to or , you will see there are lots of choices and prices for electronic bite alarms. You’ll pay more for alarms with higher sensitivity , tonal adjustments, and wireless remote capabilities, but rest assured the low priced alarms that sell for $25-$45 are very adequate and will do the job. I’ve used the same inexpensive Fox alarms for the last 5 years and they still run great. I also use the pricey Delkims and I admit that these are the Cadillacs of alarms and I love them. In addition, an alarm also has a light that goes on when a hit is detected. This is a must if plan to fish at night.

Note that your alarm must be mounted onto a holder. One way to do this is to purchase a rod pod. This is basically a rack onto which the alarm is screwed in place on buzz bars. Most rod pods can hold up to three alarms. The other option is to use banksticks to hold your alarm. These are adjustable thin, short metal poles onto which the alarm is threaded at one end.