Monday, October 29, 2012

Catching During Hurricane Sandy

Yes, I was out fishing today.  As most of you know, I have made a career out of fishing in nasty weather in both saltwater and freshwater.  So, when I knew we were in for a real bad day with hurricane winds and driving rain, I just had to get out carp fishing.  The three largest carp I have ever caught (36 lbs., 36 lbs. 8 oz and 40 lbs. 8 oz) were all taken on stormy and nasty days.  I will tell you that carp just love this weather and usually go on a feeding binge during these events.
Today I was in a very safe spot to fish as safety is always a concern on these types of days.  In fact, the wind was at my back and I had a great view of the storm while watching my rods.  The rain was coming down horizontally in sheets and the wind was blowing the trees in the distance sideways as branches were coming down.
And, yes, the carp were hitting as I expected they would. The first fish I landed was a 12 lb. common.  Next, was a 20 lb. common (see pic at top right).  Next fish was the surprise of the fall for me.  It was a large mirror koi (see pic) that was a bright red with black spots all over it.  It was gorgeous, and this fish is only the second koi I have ever landed!  Finally, the day ended with a 21 lb. common (see pic at lower right).  All the fish fell for pineapple flavored Pescaviva fished on a hair rigged hook and fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball.
Once again, I had yet another memorable day in some nasty weather.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mid Day Fishing Productive

It happens every year about this time.  As the nights get colder, the fish become far more active in the warmer daytime hours.  I noticed a real uptick in activity in the daytime this week with mid day producing the best.  In the last three days I have landed 10 carp up into the twenties with the best action occuring from 11 AM until 1 PM.  That is the warmest part of the day.  In addition, I tried one evening right before dark, a good time to fish in the warmer months, and I blanked.  This is not to say that the fish will not hit late in the day or even after dark.  Last November, I fished some of the warm nights after dark and caught fish, so it can happen especially if the night is warm.  However, we are moving into a colder time period from now until winter in which daytime will be the best time to catch carp because it is the warmest time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pescaviva Catching Once Again

I've landed quite a few fish in the last two days with several fish running over 15 lbs.  The biggest was a 24 lb. common (see pic), a large fish by RI standards, that I landed this morning.  These larger fish as well as several more smaller ones have all been caught on the same bait....pineapple flavored Pescaviva sweet corn. Back in the spring I was using this on a regular basis to score some big catches. This is a prepared bait sold in cans by Wacker Baits ( ).  Pescaviva is a firm sweet corn that holds real well on the hair.  It has a subtle sweet corn flavor that lures carp in early spring, late fall and winter.  The problem with this bait in the warm months is that pests such as turtles, bluegills and horned pout will pick it apart.  Since those cold nights of last week, most of the pests have disappeared.  So, I'm back to using and catching with Pescaviva.  Note that I use this bait on a hair rigged hook with two or three kernels threaded onto the hair.  It is fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball.  Very effective stuff and my go to bait at this time of year.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It took a couple of real cold nights to get the carp feeding again.  For the fish, I'm sure it's a reminder that winter is right around the corner.  Things have improved greatly in the last few days after that cold night we had on Saturday.  I landed 8 fish in the last three days (see pic of chunky mirror  I caught today).  Prior to that I had been on a blanking spree.  Now, 8 fish is not exactly killing them, but I am also seeing activity. I'm seeing fish moving around in the shallows, bubble trails and fish jumping here and there. And, they are back to hitting.
Last year I noticed a similar pattern.  Whenever we would get a real cold spell followed by warming weather, they would start hitting once the warm days hit.  Makes sense.....they slow down in the cold and perk up again when it warms up.  With warming weather on tap for the next couple of days and a warm and rainy day predicted for Friday, things are looking up. I know what I will be doing for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check Out This New RI Carp Fishing Blog

There is a new blog in town called Dark Carping.  It is a diary type of blog written by Kev Wasliewski, one of the premier carp anglers in RI and  a member of the the RI Carp Anglers Group.  Kevin is a big proponent of nighttime fishing for carp, and his numbers and sizes of fish that he catches proves just how effective nighttime fishing can be for carp here in RI.  I've fished with Kevin quite a bit and I can tell you that he is an innovator and a student of the game, and he has a lot to offer to both beginner and experienced carp anglers.  I seem to learn something new every time I fish with him!  Check out his blog at if you want to get into the mind of the truly obsessed (his words, not mine!).  Good stuff.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Corn Delivers

The drought is over for me.  I had blanked five times in a row before today.  Well, today I went out and landed 4 mirror carp (see pic of one of them at right) in a few hours of fishing this morning.  Whether it was the weather (ideal...warm and cloudy after a cold spell) or whether it was the bait, the carp were in a hitting mood.  I am back to using sweet corn.  The pests that were taking the sweet corn off a month ago are now few and far between.  The turtles appear to be gone and bait stealing pests like bluegills and horned pout seem to have disappeared after these cold nights.  So, sweet corn is now back to being my prime bait.  I was using Pescaviva (pineapple flavor) today that I buy from Wacker Baits.  If you don't have this stuff, I think the Value sweet corn from Stop and Shop is also a very good bet and easy to get (see post,  From now till the time the ice arrives, sweet corn should be one of your best baits to lure late fall carp into hitting.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October a BUST So Far

I haven't been posting much this month because I haven't been catching much.  For the most part, the alarms have been silent in the beginning of October.  I've been out at least 7 or 8 times this month and have a grand total of 5 carp (although one fish was a large 22 lb. common).  Other RI CAG members have been reporting the same poor fishing.  This is not unusual for fall carp fishing here in RI.  I attribute this to the changeable weather patterns. Plus, it has not gotten really cold yet.  I suspect when nights start to dip into the thirties, the carp will suddenly get into a panic about feeding up for winter. I also suspect the rest of the fall will be streaky with good spurts of fishing here and there but for the most part, inconsistent.
I was spoiled last fall as I found some fantastic fishing that lasted throughout the fall.  Last year I was able to catch about 100 carp a month in September, October and November for a total of 300 fish.  Those are phenomenal numbers.  However, when I looked back over my logs of past years, I find that I averaged about 100 fish in total during those three fall months. That's the reality.  It's just not that good in the fall.  However, I also know that fall is a great time to land the fish of a lifetime, and that keeps me trying.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Fishing.....So Inconsistent

If you asked me which season was the toughest to fish as far as consistency, I would have to tell you  it's the fall.  At the end of September I was on a hot streak for big fish as I landed quite a few big mirrors over 20 lbs.  I was getting 2 or 3 fish every outing.  In the last week, things have gone downhill.  In the last three outings, I fished some high percentage spots,  but only came away with one small mirror.  Welcome to fall fishing.
Carp fishing in the fall runs similar to the weather.  It's changing all the time, hot one day, cold the next.  It's hard to get in a groove when fishing is so inconsistent.  To combat this, I try to stay on the move, looking at different places, hoping to find some spot that's hot.  When I do, it is usually a streak of good fishing for three or four days. And, I usually try different bait and scents, but once again. the carp will go on and off baits. Still other fishermen swear that this is a great time to fish at night.  One of our CAG guys has  landed quite a few hefty fish to 27 lbs. while fishing late at night in the last couple of weeks.
While this is not a good time of the year to bank a lot of fish, it is a great time of the year to catch a real big one.  Carp are fattening up for winter and if you can find them in a feeding mood, you have a shot at your biggest fish of the year.  It was last year in November that I landed that 36 lb. common, the biggest freshwater fish ever taken in RI.  I am looking for a forty this fall.  Hey, I've learned you have to think big in this sport!