Tuesday, September 21, 2010


You don't see many people using boilies in RI, but let me tell you that it is a super bait when you are targeting big carp. I have been using boilies a lot in September since I ordered some from
K-1 baits (http://www.k-1baits.com/), one of the big online bait stores in the US. I have been using their pineapple boilies in a 16mm size. Here's how effective they have been for me. The 8 biggest fish I have landed in September, sizes 16-25 lbs have ALL been taken on boilies. I have experimented with using corn on one rod and boilies on the other and the boilies have gotten all the action. They are that effective. I might add that I am using them with an oatmeal based method ball packed around the sinker.

Boilies are hardened balls of bait that have been cooked or boiled. A baiting needle goes through easily. They are very durable and can not be picked apart like a doughball by pesty horned pout and bluegills. They are also convenient. They come in a zip lock bag. They are also inexpensive since a one pound bag is about 8 bucks.

Boilie fishing has been an eye opener for me this month and I plan to stock up on different flavors and sizes in the off season for use next year.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot Times in Sept.....Dusk and After Dark

In the last week or so, the hot period of time has been at and after dark. We have gotten a shot of cooler weather and that has gotten the fish active all over the state. If I had to pick the best month to catch carp at and after dark it would be September. It seems that that drop in temperature at and after dark seems to be a trigger that gets the carp feeding. As the water temperatures also drop, the fish begin to sense a need to feed in anticipation of winter coming.

I have been all over the state in the last week catching fish and all the places are producing (see photo of last night's fish caught at dusk). I've fished the Blackstone River, Scott's Pond, Ryco Pond, Lake Tiogue, Warwick Pd., Mashapaug, and Brickyard Pond and have taken fish out of all these places. I've also seen an upswing in activity in these spots with fish whirling and cruising around.