Thursday, September 19, 2019

Just OK

Here's a mirror landed yesterday.  September fishing has been
mediocre at best.
I wish I could report that this cool pre-fall weather has gotten the carp feeding.  In the places I have been fishing it is not the case. Mediocre is about the best way I would describe my fishing in the month of September thus far. My best day was 5 fish, my worst day none, average has been 2 fish an outing.
I've seen no uptick in the fishing. For me, the mediocre fishing goes back to mid summer.  It's stayed about the same, just ok. Hotspots of years past are just not producing.
In recent years, fall fishing has been an up and down affair with little consistency. In fact, in recent years, I have landed more fish in late fall (early December) than I have in early fall. 
Meanwhile, saltwater fishing has been lights out for me since August.  It's been loads of bluefish, good numbers of striped bass and some albies. The Bay is hot, the oceanfront is hot.  I always will take the best bet that fishing has to offer here in RI.  Right now, that best bet is happening in saltwater.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Photo of the Day....Good Size Mirror on the Fight

A good size mirror makes his way to the shore. It was one of five carp landed
this morning as the bite has picked up!

Saturday, September 7, 2019


I landed this fish and several more from a new discovery spot
that I have found in the last week.
This month is Discovery Month for CAG.  The group runs a contest every September.  The idea is to go out and find a new carp fishing spot that no one knows about and that's never been fished and to write a short story with photos added. I've been searching new spots for the last week.
I do this every year and I have found some really good spots to fish that were previously unfished and unknown.  Besides, it gets me out of my comfort zone of going to the same places all the time.
This is the way carp fishing should be done. Trial and error, look for new places to fish, keep on the move. Unfortunately, today's fishermen in general tend to rely on social media to figure out where to fish. Most fishermen rely far too much on looking for places others are fishing and having success, and then moving right into those places and taking over. Don't you just love Facebook and Instagram!  I prefer to stay ahead of the social media crowd. Sometimes this approach really works out, sometimes it doesn't. Right now, I think I have found something hot that no one knows about.