Thursday, February 26, 2015

RI Regulations that Affect Carp Fishermen

It won't be long before carp fishing begins.  K now the rules.
A maximum of two rods are allowed.
There are a number of regulations here in RI that affect carp fishermen. While no one is fishing just yet, I do expect to catch my first carp in open water within a month. It is important to make sure you know the state's fishing rules and regulations.  Here are some that apply to carp fishing:
1. License- You will need a new, 2015 license after March first. The old license expired after the last day in Feb.  They can be purchased online and in tackle shops.
2. Where to Fish: While Opening Day (for trout waters only) happens the second Saturday in April, you can fish any non-trout stocked waters year round.  Trout waters are closed from March 1 to Opening Day.  You can see a listing of trout stocked waters on the DEM website at RI Fishing Abstacts. This means you can fish for carp at Roger Williams Park in March, but you can't fish at Lincoln Woods (Stocked waters).
3. Corn Rule: RI has this antiquated corn rule that states that corn can not be used as bait when fishing for carp in designated trout waters. So, you can use corn at Roger Williams, but you can't use corn in Lincoln Woods.
4. Chum Rule: Chumming is illegal in designated trout waters.
5. Two Rod Rule-  You are allowed to use one or two rods when fishing for carp.  You can't use three or more outfits. To be honest, I see this rule violated a lot.
6. Bowhunting/bowfishing- While the DEM rules state that bowfishing is legal for carp, it is only legal where local town and city ordinances allow hunting and the discharge of a weapon. Local hunting ordinances take precedent over DEM.  I can tell you that most cities and suburban towns in RI, and every city and town along the Blackstone River DOES NOT allow bowfishing or hunting.  If you see this being done, call the local police and not the DEM. I have checked with police in many cities and towns, and they all claim that anyone caught doing this will be arrested, prosecuted and their gear will be confiscated.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Terrific Buy in Sinkers

If you are looking for unbelievable buys in sinkers, click on Lead-bandit. This company makes both egg sinkers and no roll sinkers, generally the type of sinkers a lot of carp fishermen use in this area.  Their egg sinkers sell for $.16 an ounce, meaning a one ounce sinker is just 16 cents.  No roll sinkers, the kind I prefer, sell for $.18 cents an ounce. Their egg sinkers and no roll come in sizes up to and over three ounces.  I used to make my own no roll sinkers, but for that price it is simply not worth making them.  In addition, Lead-bandit charges a flat rate of $5 for shipping. I ordered over 50 sinkers last week. With no roll, 1 oz. sinkers selling for about a dollar apiece in most places, you simply can not beat the prices at Lead-bandit. Check out their website.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It will be a LONG time......

In most years, I begin carp fishing in still waters (ponds and lakes) in late February or early March.  By mid March everything is open and fishable, even waters in northern RI. I don't see this happening this year.
Most shorelines in RI are under at least 5-6 feet of snow right now (far more to the north of us).  In addition (what most don't know) the ponds themselves have another foot or so of ice under all that snow.  I was ice fishing last week and was amazed at the thickness of the ice.  Back just a month ago there was little ice and no snow on the ground, but the weather has certainly turned with no let up in sight.
With carp fishing shut down, I have turned my attention to skiing in the daytime. I've been hitting the slopes 4 or 5 times a week, and have experienced some the best skiing of all time here in NE. In the evenings, I have been tackle tinkering.  There's lots to do before the carp fishing arrives.  I have been making sinkers, tying hair rigs, ordering hooks, artificial bait and other gear, cleaning my reels and getting my bag in order. I've also been to many UK and US Internet carp sites looking for info on rigs, baiting and other ideas for the upcoming season.
The fishing season will get here eventually, but I would also venture a guess that I will be still skiing in April.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fishing at a Stand Still but Lots of "Carpin" Things to Do

I've been skiing up a storm in the last few weeks hitting the slopes four and five times a week.  And, I have done zero fishing.  We are at a stand still in the carp fishing world of southern New England.  The ponds and lakes are snow and ice covered.  Even the rivers have frozen in most spots, and there is no let up to the cold in the next ten days. Even if I could fish my river spots, it would be near impossible to get there as I have to trek through woods to get to many of my most productive locations.And, there is four to five feet of snow in most of these locations.
So, it is a good time to reassess your gear.  I just ordered a bunch of hooks and artificial bait. You might want take stock of your gear and order stuff you might need.  You could also tie up a bunch of hair rigs, get your gear in order, clean your reels or read about carp fishing techniques on the Internet.
Here's another time filler....check out the newest online magazine edition of the North American Carp Angler (NACA) published by the Carp Angler Group.  The first edition for 2015 is a large "double edition" and features a lot of info on winter carp fishing as well as rigging and baiting ideas.  You don't have to be a member to access the magazine. You can find the magazine by clicking here: NACA