Monday, June 28, 2021

Ghost Carp

Check out the white streak on this fish's back and 
under the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin was also
very light.

Scientifically, ghost carp are an artificial breed of the common carp. They are generally all white and are found in Europe.

Around here we refer to light colored common carp as "ghosties", or ghost carp.  They might feature whitish, grey heads or streaks of white along the scales of their bodies.  Most of those ghosties found around here are common carp, although I have seen one mirror ghostie.

Every year I seen to catch one or two of these ghosties. Today I caught one of them, my first one of 2021.  It had streaks of light color in its head, and it had a wide, white line running down its back under the dorsal fin.  The dorsal fin was also quite light.  In the water it looked like I was reeling in a wet, white towel as it swam around. It was quite different as I knew right away I had a "New England Ghostie." 

The head of this fish also had very light
streaks running along its side and top
of the head. It was very whitish in the 
water. Its scales were also very light.

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