Saturday, July 3, 2021

In the Slop


A dark colored mirror landed last evening.

I've seen this pattern many times before.  Hot, hot weather suddenly turns to cold and rainy, and it just lights up the carp fishing here in RI.  The last three days of rain have, once again, lit up the summer carp fishing for me.  I landed 30 carp in the last three days of fishing in the sloppiness. While a good number have been smaller carp under ten pounds, I also had a couple of low twenties as well as many in the 10 to 19 lb. range. The fish have been a combination of mirrors and commons.

I'm back to using my old favorite of a kernel of maize

A gorgeous common landed yesterday.

and a white artificial corn on the hair rig.  This seems to be working much better than the boilies these days.  I suspect it is because I am getting smaller fish on average than I was catching several weeks ago when the boilies were red hot for larger carp.  I'm making a note of this. Next year, I plan to really fish boilies on then post spawn when the big fish (over 25 lbs.) are really aggressively feeding.

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